PRESSIES! i recieved some great loot this year, and i simply had to share! i have some of the most ah-mazing friends, non?

okay,loveys, from left: juicy couture longjohns that say "any one fancy a juicy pillow fight?", black knit high knee UGG boots, gucci rush perfume, furla key ring,green burberry tunic belt, adrienne vittadini leather cuff, marc jacobs neck scarf, betsy johnson drop earings, yellow calvin klein ruffle socks, brown Dior socks(so fun, non?) juicy couture tube socks, red plush sleep socks from victorias secret (i really did well with le socks this year, didnt I? haha), bath bubbles from victoria secret, as well as undies from victoria secret, the books atonement by Ian McEwan,MISSHAPES by the misshapes and jarvis cocker, and the other boleyn girl by Phillipa Gregory, OPI nail kit and OPI nail lacquer in 'I'm not really a waitress', true religion straightleg dark wash jeans, and below: volcom ski jacket from Urban for ski trip - which hasnt come in yet. love?


enough of my gloating. i hope that everyone else had an equally splendid christmas. what did everyone else recieve this year? do tell ;] xo Ali


ee! I'm obsessed with le snake

thanks to a little prompting by a friend, i was on the cobrasnake website checking out his latest batch of photos and i was floored by how good they were! honestly, mark, in my opinion, should photograph editorials for magazines - im sure they would be a tad more interesting than whatever shit vogue is putting out at le moment.


im obsessed with them. i want to be in them. oh my only dream is to be cobrasnake'd...

hee hee anyways i have a few fabulous posts coming up next. so stay tuned, you fabulous people. xo



no, not gareth. thats me sighing over my semester exams. ive finally had 5 minutes to whip up a new post.

any who, how adorable is this boy?

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that, mes amies, is esteban cortazar, head designer of emanuel ungaro, and only 23! i love it, i really do. esteban was first discovered when he was 13 by Todd Oldham who saw some of his sketches.

okay this post cant be too long. i have to go back to studying. bisou bisou!



ooh, coco

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Im tres excited about the as-of-now unnamed coco chanel movie featuring audrey tattou:

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i love biopic films, especially of fabulous people, non?

mmm some new tunes too: sally shapiro, disco romance

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fit to fete

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okay. i am officially obsessed with all things martin margiela, the fabulous belgium designer, who used to work for jean paul gaultier(who is always a favourite). his shoes i love and his 2008 spring/summer runway show was so so fab:

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nicolas ghesquiere is also a major fan of margiela. so he must be good ;]

it does make me tres triste that he only has collections at barneys and bergdorf instead of at a niemans or saks, but what to do.

xo. Ali

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style iconage

so i was thinking the other day who my fashion role models were. Ive never been the type to try to imitate anyones whole look, but there are a few gorgeous gals who i always end up turning to for inspiration whenever im in need of a little help:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket tinsley mortimer. i absolutely adore this woman! shes the quintessential girly girl, and i loved how shes always has a pulled together look. so fun

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket margherita missoni - for that effortless gorgeous look. & the fact that shes always in missoni might have something to do with my girl crush on her. hee hee

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and ofcourse COBRASNAKE darlings. one of my lifes goals is to be cobrasnake'd at cinespace with mes copains.

okay these are my inspirations - thoughts? opinions? i would love if a few others would share their fashion icons are - i would love to see. xo


ab fab

its been years and years since i last posted and that thought almost makes me want to cry... i always seem to find time to read other peoples fab blogs but never any to write in mine...

anyways today was the best day! erin fetherson for GO! target came out - its almost too thrilling to talk about. hee hee my mother said she would go pick up a few things for me but says i have to wait until thanksgiving!? what is that? okay its only 3 days. i'll live.

i have a new music obsession. its about time for me to become obsessed with someone new too, kanyizzle was getting a bit old. his name is mark ronson - im sure you've heard - hes only the most fabulous producer/collaborator out there right now. he re did britney spears single, toxic, and collaborated it with tigger, this rap group, and i must say its so great. so so great. he also has tracks featuring le whino, lily allen (adore!),daniel merriwhether, etc.

OOH! i was thinking of doing a picture a post. i have all these fabulous JPG's that i want to share that i thought at the end of each post i should put one in. fab or not? hee hee

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arent those ab fab?



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i WANT that tattoo - ooh i cant wait to get one sometime...

hee hee anyways - i just bought the fabbest pair of ed hardy slip ons. i would share a pic but its copyrighted or whatevs.

im making this post super short because im tired tired tired - but i promise that i will write more often.




ee! i had the a fabulous fabulous day so far!

i found this little mall online one day and saw that it was not so far from where we are staying so ofcourse i had to go. AND theres H&M there - enough said. the cashier told me a little secret that they might be building one in orlando - and H&M only an hour and a half away! its too much! haha ♥

ooh and i finally finally found a pair of white rayban avi's (there all sold out online) to replace my old pair...

we couldnt stay for too long though - we had to meet my aunt connie at 3 for tea (actually it was banana splits).

mm tonight im off to see HAIRSPRAY with some fab boys who are in the local production of highschool musical - which is hysterically good.

& tommorow i leave for florida ;]

i think i may go take a tiny nap before anyone gets here...

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perrier anyone?



yay! im going home in 3 days to see my darling friends and my darling pets! 3 days... it doesnt even seem real after being here for 6 weeks. mm.

anyways im heading to briarwood tommorow to have a bit of fun ( theres H&M & Sunglass Hut there ) and to grab a bite to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. i have to return a few things to H&M from my chicago trip that are too big ( i totally meant to grab a size 2 bikini top and i thought i had since it said that on the hanger but then when i got home and finally tried it on it was a 12 - so not good. ) and too small ( white cargo pants... enough said ).

and camp is in 5 days - for two whole weeks. i so so so hope its fun.

my LV speedy needs to be cleaned - i mean i guess im not going to be using it too much right now but still. ooh and my marc jacobs suede bag - some bitch at school ink stained it - okay it could have been me. & i need my BCBG MaxAzria heel fixed - its almost in two ;[

im going to go watch perfume now. i hope its good.

goodnight ♥


Cha cha

Chicago was fabulous!

It was the perfect vacation for this summer. We went to a few parties, did some shopping, etc...

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we went to this fab outside block party saturday evening with local bands. loved it ♥

ANYWAYS i go back home in one week and that is beyond amazing in itself. i can hardly wait to see everyone again ( oh and my adorable pets) & then ofcourse I leave for camp the next day - but one day at home is better than no days at home.

i was thinking about the tattoo im planning on getting in the next month - and while i totally love my idea how cute is this one?

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i dont even know what it says, but im sure it means sexy ;] haha

okay, darlings, adios. xxoo


I love MJ

aren't his ads for the fall simply too cute?

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my cousin and I did a tiny photo shoot today around the house and outside. god, we were so bored - haha - but they turned out so great. and funny. its a shame I dont have a way to put up pictures from my camera up here or I would share.

OOH! Chicago is in one week! I'm oh so excited. I havent been on a vacation all summer ( new york city & miami both being postponed - so sad).

okay well I'm not going to write much tonight - i think i might go take a bubble bath with my new elle.

amour amour ♥



hee hee i almost crashed into a truck today while out running errands. thankfully he was rather sweet and stopped until i got back into my proper lane. i know its not a giggling matter. i do. kind of...

on a less perilous note - my shoes came today and i adore them ♥

annnnd i bought the new elle with sarah jessica on it - i hope im that fabulous when im 40 something.

ooh today perez hilton was on the view and completely made me laugh. i want to be best friends with this man. i also am loving being able to watch talk shows in the morning - my favorite has to be regis & kelly - god shes so fit, no?

anyways anyways im completely in love with the new chanel ads feturing freja. i think theyre perfect:

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okay enough for now ♥ lovelove!

p.s. i am so loving this Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



i ordered the most adorable sandals yesterday from urban:\

this lovely gold pair

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& these strawberry ones that ive always wanted but never seemed to get

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& these white ones because i need more sandals.

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im rather tired of flats. ive bought(sp?) way too many pairs that i rarely wear & most of them are uncomfortable. besides in them i cant show off a new pedicure, can I?

this whole vegan this is completely fabulous ( its been two weeks so far). honestly, i always thought i would never ever give up dairy and eggs - meat wouldnt have been too hard - but its suprisingly easy. theres soybutter & soycheese that personally taste better than the real thing. but im not going to become one of those hard ass vegans that cry or pretend to vomit when anyone puts meat/eggs/dairy infront of them. If i happen to be somewhere where there arent vegan options ( ie. someones house for dinner; out to eat with friends) than ofcourse I'll eat whatever is served.

anyways my best friend bought a house of holland groupie tee shirt for my 16th birthday and i absolutly adore it! its the one that says ' CAUSE ME PAIN HEIDE SLIMAINE ' god, she always gets the best prezzies. i would upload a picture but im simply too tired.

speaking of fabulous designers - ive been too excited ever since i found out about erin fetherson doing targets GO collection after libertine (whom i also adore):

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im hoping that viktor & rolf will do one sometime, though it seems unlikely since they recently did a H&M collaboration.

mmmm im off, darlings. bisou bisou ♥


ooh my birthday was absolutely fabulous !

my mum, cousin, and I all went to eat at this adorable lunch place called schulers up here in michigan (and finding adorable lunch places in michigan is rather hard to do...)and we got arrangement of cupcakes (tres marie antoinette, or at least my mother said - haha so chic of her).then went shopping for a bit, and then went to a fourth of july party. my mum and I are good friends with the band that was playing, so i got pulled on stage and sang a few songs with them. haha and ofcourse the gorgeous fireworks! oh and a rather lot of champagne to follow...so fun

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& i got the most amazing presents ♥

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anyways anyways - im absolutely in love with the miu miu fall collection. ive been watching the show on style.com

i highly recommend checking it out ;]

ooh and im newly obsessed with this new band ( at least for moi, its new): Ratatat. absolutely amazing.



my birthday is tomorrow!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and ofcourse that includes - chicago (eek!), presents, cupcakes, a license( okay - thats in like a month, when i return from michigan...), and ofcourse parties! hee hee. its too much.

anyways i was observing a few other blogs the other day and came across a very gorgeous pair of heels ( courtesy of fashionologie) that I need to have!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket how ah-mazing are these? just a little something to make your mouth water...

& also who is just as excited as me about irina lazareanu's album that she is working on? i have a feeling it wont be anything like tyra banks "much anticipated" album, no?