no, not gareth. thats me sighing over my semester exams. ive finally had 5 minutes to whip up a new post.

any who, how adorable is this boy?

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that, mes amies, is esteban cortazar, head designer of emanuel ungaro, and only 23! i love it, i really do. esteban was first discovered when he was 13 by Todd Oldham who saw some of his sketches.

okay this post cant be too long. i have to go back to studying. bisou bisou!


8 commentaires:

a. a dit…

YUM - E!

discothequechic a dit…

I'm just amazed that a 23 year old designs for EU..
and a little ashamed that I did't know this already!
Good luck with exams!

Bojana a dit…

Heeee I had my last final today!!

Finally, HOLIDAYs. Woot!!

Umm, he's yummy. Plus I love Ungaro!!

a. a dit…

haha, well then...

i will tag you ;]

alluretone a dit…

he started impressing people by the time he was 13? makes me feel behind in life haha.

LIZ a dit…

ooo yummy, love him.
nice post, gorgeous- short & sweet :]

discothequechic a dit…

Alii, too long without a post!
But I wanted to say, Merry Christmas.
Stay cool, I know you will!

Lena a dit…

he is amazing!