ee! I'm obsessed with le snake

thanks to a little prompting by a friend, i was on the cobrasnake website checking out his latest batch of photos and i was floored by how good they were! honestly, mark, in my opinion, should photograph editorials for magazines - im sure they would be a tad more interesting than whatever shit vogue is putting out at le moment.


im obsessed with them. i want to be in them. oh my only dream is to be cobrasnake'd...

hee hee anyways i have a few fabulous posts coming up next. so stay tuned, you fabulous people. xo

4 commentaires:

a. a dit…

& that fab friend would be MOI! ;] heehee

love you, love the snake. dont worry one day it will be us pouting into that infamous lens. promise.

a. a dit…

loving the new look - moloko tunes & all!


Bojana a dit…

Those are some awesome photos.

Elevator chic is the new black.

Wendy a dit…

Those heart shaped lolita sunglasses rock!

Great blog!