au revoir

for now anyway. im going to take a teeny break from posting until i can recover my creative senses. i simply feel dull and umimaginative when doing my blog - though i v. much love reading everyone elses.


i'll be back.

amour amour

6 commentaires:

Bojana a dit…

Taking a break is the best -I for sure experienced it.

Great picture!

Also, I linked you.

Andy • Drew • Andrew a dit…

love your blog. and steve aoki.

discothequechic a dit…

That dress didn't inspire you?

Heh heh.

Well I hope something comes to you soon, I haven't visited for a while after you had a break a while ago, but I love your blog!


vonedar a dit…

yeah vobskov show. awesome one.

vonedar a dit…

i meant VIBKSOV

Poshhh a dit…

thats such a cute photo...i like your blog