bring on le boum


oui im back from my tres petit hiatus

and only because im pretty much in love with juno temple, the fabulous girl who played lola in atonement:


& was in notes on a scandal, playing polly (cate blanchetts daughter in le film). anyways the reason im obsessed avec her now is because shes going to be in the other boleyn girl which im BEYOND ecstatic about:


i recently finished le book and i simply cannot wait to see the movie (Feb. 29), which stars scarlett johanson(adore), eric bana(beyond adore), and natalie portman (fucking obsessed with!)

oh kay darlings have a splendid weekend (i know i will). bisou

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Romany a dit…

Oh wow she's pretty.
I haven't seen Atonement yet, but I really want to. Do you recommend it?
I'm loving your blog, btw. :)

emsie a dit…

beautiful pictures
i must get atonement soon
i can't wait to see it


SICK. a dit…

i'm not much for romance & whatnot, & i don't know much about atonement, but i'd like to see it.


Lola Eliza. a dit…

wow!Is she really the same girl?
i never would have guessed!
Im liking your blog!

Bojana a dit…

Haha you made me laugh with your french words ça et là.

Glad you're back!

Wendy a dit…

I am very excited for the Other Boleyn Girl! I love love love Natalie Portman.

a. a dit…

that first photo is adorable!

glad youre back, ive missed you.


discothequechic a dit…

oh, i'm glad you didn't disappear for long!

although I loved atonement (really craving watching it again this weekend, actually..) I never really gave this girl any thought afterwards, but will keep my ears pricked and eyes peeled!

and love this song by au revoir simone, I saw them as a support act a couple of years ago and they were pretty crazy. but cute!

Hannah. a dit…

I loved how they made(kept?) her hair so mega curly in Atonement. Can't wait to see the other film. Could you look at my blog? Thanks.

Palbo a dit…

Sonrisa blanca con olor :D

belle.chantelle a dit…


Marina a dit…

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Marina (from France)